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Team Mexico was founded in 2010 as an e-drafting studio that collaborates primarily with professionals in the fields of architecture and design throughout the globe. Taking advantage of today's technology and understanding that the future lies on mutual collaboration.

TM will team up with you wherever you are and help you outsource your work (see services) without you having to hire more people or a larger office.

TM will help you to transfer all your sketches or information into CAD allowing you to utilize your time more efficiently.

The time difference that exists between countries allows TM to work while you sleep and it allows you to work while TM is sleeping making an efficient use of time and space.

TM's work and clients are strictly confidential, if you would like more information please send us an email with your inquiry.



Team Mexico is the drafting branch of mobile workshop architects.

If you are after architectural services then please visit us at mobile workshop architects.


Team Mexico's services are limited to transferring into the computer (CAD format) the information provided by you; Think of us as a photocopying service.


The clearer your information the faster, easier and more efficient the process becomes.


TM can produce a 3D model or 3D images of your work if required.

TM can work on an hourly/weekly or monthly basis or on a lump sum basis and fixed time. Contact us to see what suits your needs best.



So how does it work?

You still have to design and document your project but TM will give you a hand and digitalise it using CAD software.


  • Team Mexico will assign a team member to work closely with you and help you coordinate all the information.

  • All communication will be done electronically or via the phone.

You will send us the original information (preferably in .dwg format or dimensioned and annotated sketches)

  • TM will produce a first draft and send it for your review.

  • You will send the draft back with comments (if needed)
    TM will then finalize the drawing.


(See the example below)





For any questions about our work or the services we offer please send us an e-mail and we will answer as soon as possible.

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